Campmor | Integrated Campaign
CW: Adam Tetreault, AD: Kara Noble

Campmor sells a wide array of camping gear to make outdoor living more enjoyable.
Because of this,many campers have found the transition from a long excursion
back into “civilized life” challenging. Campmor is here to help those campers readjust.

This campaign is meant to remind past and current customers of Campmor’s
commitment to making camping so easy that returning is hard.

Placed in a variety of city locations, these non-traditional ads exist to
aggregate visitors to the website as well as offer them a respite from civilization.

Bus Shelter

Moving Walkway

Subway Celing

When customers place an order at, they have the option to enter a trip duration date.
The ordered goods come in the package below. Upon returning from the trip,
an email is sent welcoming the camper back to civilization.


The Campmor Reintroduction Program exists as a microsite
full of resources to help ease the process back into civilization.

Campmor Reintroduction Survival Kit and Guidebook



The Virtual Campfire is a way to sit around the fire, open a beer and listen to the sounds of nature alone or with friends.